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SKF bearing alloy casting pouring methods

Pouring casting and centrifugal casting method with hand casting . Handcast for large bush , producing small quantities of the occasion.
Casting into the mold before the first platform or iron on preheated 250 �� - 300 ��, the mandrel to be coated with a layer of graphite powder , and then put into the mold bush , in order to prevent the alloy from the tire in the casting solution a leakage gaps , can be 65% clay , 17% salt , 18% of a mixture of water seal. Ready, you should at once melted alloy solution ( temperature maintained at 470 �� - 510 ��) into the preheated to about 300 �� within Tieshao casting . At this time , the alloy was first groove flow mandrel , such tank full , the solution flow evenly along the cylindrical mandrel , a smooth slowly rising from below , so that air can be discharged , because the proportion of different non-metallic inclusions , may drift surface of the solution . This casting method is simple, and easy to ensure quality.
In casting a large bush , often used to siphon casting method , which is the middle of an empty mandrel made a double ring , cross slot opening at the bottom . When the alloy was cast full of mold bottom . This method can prevent the falling slag or other impurities cast layer , the casting out of the bearing quality is better. Disadvantage is ready for a long time , small bush should not be used .