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SKF sliding bearing material characteristics

Sliding bearings in direct contact with the journal bearing bush , sliding bearing in order to ensure good working properties, in addition to measures with appropriate lubrication , SKF bearing material properties of some of the following requirements should be met :
( A ) have sufficient strength and ductility , the bearing lining both to work under pressure , and the pressure between it and the journal evenly distributed ;
( 2 ) have a good running- resistance, less wear and abrasion resistance , and thus to extend the service life of SKF bearing liner ;
( 3 ) lubrication and cooling performance ; has good technology skills.
1 , simple structure, easy washable , low price ;
2, the load bearing area, can exist between the journal and the bearing oil film , it can withstand greater shock loads and vibration loads ;
3 , at high speed it is easy to form a completely liquid friction , it can be used for high- speed applications ;
4, the sliding bearing can be made off-type , and therefore not as bearing assembly that must be loaded by the end of the shaft , can be used for rolling can not be applied due to structural limitations of the occasion .
Plants commonly used in sliding bearings with integral type, open type , oil ring lubrication type and thrust tile type of four.