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SKF thrust ball bearings match the mechanical requirements for

<1 > Since thrust ball bearing itself accuracy 1��m or less, thus requiring its mating parts ( shafts , bearing housings , end caps, ring , etc. ) have a high dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy , especially with the surface to control the accuracy of and bearing the same level , and this is a crucial point , but also the most easily overlooked.
   <2> must also pay attention to match the mechanical thrust ball bearings if you can not reach the above requirements , often makes thrust ball bearings in the bearing after installation error occurs several times larger than the original , or even 10 times more errors , completely not become a thrust ball bearings, because more often than not match the mechanical errors simply superimposed on the error of SKF bearings , but in a different multiples amplified additions.
    2 , thrust ball bearings with :
    In order to ensure the bearing after installation without excessive deformation , must be done:
    <1 >-axis of roundness of the hole and the seat and the vertical shoulder block bearing according to the appropriate precision requirements.
    <2> is necessary to accurately calculate the rotating ring with the amount of interference , but also suitable for accurate calculation of the amount of the fixed ring .
    Interference amount rotatable collar may also wish to obtain a smaller range . As long as the operating temperature and ensure the effect of thermal expansion , and the maximum speed of the centrifugal force , resulting in a tight fit so as not to creep or sliding surfaces . Fixed ferrule according to the work load size and SKF bearing size, select small clearance fit or interference fit , too loose or too tight is not conducive to maintaining the original shape exactly .
    <3> If the bearings operating under high speed conditions , but higher operating temperature , special attention should be rotating rings can not be too loose to prevent eccentric , as well as non- fixed ferrule with a gap to prevent ferrule deformation under load and vibration excitation .
    < 4> take a small fixed ring interference fit condition that matches the shape of the surface of both sides are very high precision and a smaller roughness , or cause installation difficulties removal more difficult , in addition, also need to consider the impact of the spindle thermal elongation .
    <5 > Using pairs of double angular contact ball bearing spindle , mostly lighter loads , the amount of interference , such as too large, then the internal axial preload amount will be significantly larger , resulting in adverse effects . Use double row cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearing spindle spindle , its load is relatively large, so its interference with the also relatively large .
    3, to improve the actual accuracy of the method :
    < 1> SKF bearings installed in order to improve the accuracy of the actual match , you must not make use of the bearing deformation measurement methods and measurement tools of the bearing bore and the outer dimensions of the mating surfaces of the actual thrust ball measurements relate to the internal diameter and diameter measurements all be measured , and the measured data to make a comprehensive analysis of this as far , worthy of thrust ball bearing shaft and housing bore installation position size. In actual measurements made with the respective shaft and housing bore size and geometry should be the same with the measuring bearing temperature conditions.
    <2 > In order to ensure a higher actual match results , the shaft and the bearing bore to match the surface, the roughness should be as small as possible .
    <3 > In making these measurements , should be cylindrical and the bearing bore , the housing bore and the shaft , and a corresponding surface of the chamfered sides near the assembly , respectively, showing the maximum deviation can be made in two directions groups marked so in the actual assembly, the maximum deviation between the two parties to match the same position aligned so that after assembly , the two sides can be partially offset by the deviation .
    < 4> to make two sets of directional signs aim can compensate for deviations into account, even if both sides supporting each rotation accuracy improved, but also between the two bearing seat hole and both ends of the coaxial journal error partially eliminated. Surface hardening on the mating surfaces to implement measures, such as sandblasting , with a diameter slightly larger thrust ball plunger plug holes, once inside , there is help to improve the fitting accuracy .